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    About Us

    Our Story

    In September of 2017, bassist Johnny Wahlen and lead singer Kenny James left their previous band to pursue a more versatile endeavor. In October of that same year, drummer Michael Jensen, along with lead guitarist Joe Andre, joined the project and One Race Human was born. The chemistry was immediately apparent thru their collaborative efforts, blending and layering musical textures that would soon define an altogether familiar, but yet different sound in the hard rock space. 

    What Inspires Us

    The name was created as a result of the political discourse and social unrest currently dividing our country. If anger and ignorance was the torn stitch of fabric in our society as human beings, then respect and understanding would be the common thread of unity found in the melody, rhythm, and harmony of the band's compositions. 

    Our Influences

    With far too many artists to mention, the music itself reflects the eclectic range of genres that originated from our country's ethnic diversity. Their material involves everything from hard rock, blues, funk, alternative and pop to slight twists of electronica and even hip hop. One Race Human is the transcendence of styles manifested in the celebration of our humanity. 


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    One Race Human

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